Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hell Hath No Fury 

Paris attempts to mend rift with Anna Wintour Skeletore.

They have no idea just how nerdy we really are.

Newly leaked Elliott Smith demos at Kiss Atlanta.

Another baby in the house at Zoo Atlanta.

In related news, Gorilla vs. Bear gives us his top 33 songs of the year.

Sienna's dad makes vague threats at Jude.

The government's weed sucks.

Newsflash: Angie goes both ways. Who the fuck knew?

Atlanta goes all New Orleans for New Years.

Couple attacks flight crew, forces emergency landing, after being forcibly evicted from the mile high club.

Grazie Magazine votes Kate Moss the best dressed woman of 2005. Snort.

Lohan v. Lohan finally settled.

The Smiths to reunite for cancer benefit.

Colin Farrell checks into the fat farm rehab. In other news, Colin Farrell still gets laid.

The White Stripes' Tegan and Sara cover EP. Eh. Yawn.

Contrary to appearances, Bush claims he is "very aware of what's going on."

Britney's fans want to give Kevbo the boot.

Slideshow: 49 musicians who died before their time.

Newsflash: Moby doesn't like Eminem.

J. Lo lookin' rough.

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