Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Top of the Top 

ScarJo and Joshiepoo get all domestic.

Pitchfork Top 50. Hello Sufjan.

Stylus Top 50.

Kylie already planning to head back to the studio.

Art-o-mat in Atlanta.


Franz Ferdinand have 14 new songs at the ready.


The Varsity sucks
. Amen.

New Order does Joy Division again

Moby channels Lance Bass.

Gorilla vs. Bear's Favorite Live Shows of 2005

Evolution survives in PA.

Top 5 Celeb Babes of 2005. Mimi? Really?

Simpson handlers to blow out Nick's candles to make Jessica's burn brighter.

Cigarettes out. Pharmies in.

German Pop Idol fave will use winnings to finally get that sex change op she's so been wanting.

Jamie Foxx's major label debut drops into stores today.

SJP shocks the world with the obvious.

The Britster sues Us Weekly over sex tape allegations.

Baby snow leopards step out.

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