Thursday, April 29, 2004

Waaaaaaaah! It appears I didn't get up early enough to blog about ViaGina and the Fat Asian Baby's new best friend (actually, I didn't get up early at all), as ViaGina beat me to the punch. All I can add is that apparently the two of us surrounded by heavy grocery bags of beer and assorted meatproduct cut a more pathetic picture than I had thought.
And see, my new digital camera did come in handy, even though I had no computer of my own. All I can say is that I'm proud that that is the first official picture taken on my new camera.
(Note: I suspect there will be another raging beer extravaganza at VG's sometime in the near future since my friends were more generous than expected and all showed up with six packs of their own so there are many frosty beverages left over. If you haven't already, befriend her now and maybe she'll invite you.)
Here's a joke: How many Overeducated Pretentious College Grads does it take to put together a grill when one of said OPCG's "accidentally" threw out the instructions?
Answer: Six (five from Columbia and one from Vassar). Apparently our absurdly expensive educations did not properly equip us with the problem solving skills necessary to assemble a grill. Who knew?
Actually, to be honest, the number could have been much higher had Ambiguator not been the sixth person to arrive. He immediately took charge of the situation and saved the day. However, I suspect his grill expertise comes less from his status as a student at Columbia's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and more from the fact that he hails from rural Ohio and has a riding lawnmower.

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