Monday, May 03, 2004


So I was thrilled to pieces to see this article in Sunday's Times. I'm so pleased that these very important and often underappreciated artists are finally getting the attention they deserve in mainstream media. I myself am trying to pursue a career as a BET video ho (why else did you think the Fat Asian Baby was relocating to Atlanta, grad school? Ha!) but need to work on my measurements. It is painfully obviously that I need more junk in my trunk and less junk, well, pretty much everywhere else. Must remember to consult a plastic surgeon when I get back from Paris.
Speaking of which, I received my brand new international cell phone in the mail today. It is a low budget Nokia which was apparently manufactured by Nokia Asia because the description on the front reads: "Let you relaxed wander between two frequencies. " On the back when discussing features, Nokia Asia boasts that this model will allow "in 3 kinds put game," "function have reach 6 kinds of Asian languages," and "newest put the type interface of infrared ray." While I'm not sure what this all means, it sure sounds cool.

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