Tuesday, May 11, 2004

While walking to the internet cafe, I just saw a man sitting on a bench who was the spitting image of Bono if Bono was an aging, destitute French man who'd smoked one too many cigarettes in his day and was a bit more brunette. Not a pretty sight my friends. But I consider myself a more enriched person for it. What can I say?
Tomorrow I am off to visit J. in Berlin, despite my many reservations about German. I flew to France on a major German airline and was quite disconcerted by the experience. I feel terribly guilty about all this, but because my only exposure to the German language thus far in my life has been through Holocaust era movies, I can't help but feel that whenever they are announcing something official in German over the plane intercom system or the flight attendants come by and bark something in German that they're directing me to the soap factory furnaces when in all likelihood, they're really just asking me if I'd like another muffin. Ahh well.

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