Sunday, June 13, 2004

On Friday, the Fat Asian Baby witnessed the following atrocity on a flight from Paris to Barcelona: a male British citizen two rows ahead took off his glasses and actually stuck the arm into his ear. I mean to say, he really started digging around in there and, much to my horror, began to examine said glasses arm with great interest before repeating the entire process two or three times. Now, the Fat Asian Baby also finds it quite repulsive when people embark on inner ear explorations with their pinkie fingers, particularly when I´m eating, but I have to say that the process is tenfold more horrifying with the thin plastic probe-like glasses arm. Have we no decency anymore? The Fat Asian Baby understands that sometimes there´s an insatiable ear itch or a bugger that just has to come out, but can´t we all just agree to find a private nook or bathroom before attending to certain acts of personal hygeine maintenance? And on that note, if you are the lady who decided to clip your fingernails on the Paris metro last week, I do appreciate that you weren´t trimming your toenails as well, but I really think it would be preferable if you wait until you get home next time before commencing any such project. Thanks.

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