Monday, June 21, 2004

PSA to Parisian Men 

Please Note:
1. The Fat Asian Baby is NOT Japanese and therefore does not appreciate being greeted with Konichiwa. A simple bonjour, bon soir, or bon dimanche, where appropriate, will suffice.
2. If the Fat Asian Baby, and I'd dare say any other female, has declined your kind invitation to join you for a beer and hurried off in another direction, it is safe to assume that even though you might consider it a great coincidence to run into her again in another part of town a week or so later, it is unneccessary for you to run after to her. Although some time has passed, she most likely would still prefer not to join you for a beer, and that being established, she also would not like to go to your home and "make sexy" with you, as you so delicately put it.
Thank you.

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