Thursday, July 28, 2005


Whenever people discover that the Fat Asian Baby was raised entirely in the United States and has never really set foot (walking, that is) on the Korean Peninsula, they inevitably ask whether or not we plan to go back and visit and why we haven't already done so. Aside from an inexplicable love of kimchee and barbecued meat, FAB is a pretty much completely incompetent Korean. We have eagerly pointed out that we feel idiotic enough in the many Korean-run delis, dry cleaners, and nail salons (though admittedly we spend very little time in this last type of establishment) we frequent when the counter person tries to conduct the transaction in Korean. Undoubtedly, a trip to the Motherland itself would only increase the frequency of such exchanges since it seems reasonable to assume that, unlike Manhattan, Westchester, or Atlanta, pretty much every business in Korea is, like, run by Koreans or something. And run by Koreans who pretty much only speak Korean. Anyway, we were interested to discover this site for Anglophone expatriates living in Seoul (via Gridskipper). It turns out that maybe Seoul wouldn't be such a bad place to visit. From what we've gleaned on the few minutes spent browsing Seoul Style, FAB is superior* to everyone else for having been raised abroad, FAB is not only much bigger than everyone else in Korea, but FAB also has have much bigger titties, and uh, whining is an asset. And while FAB is not exactly domestically inclined, there is even a Housewife Help section to help navigate, uh, housewife-related stuff. FAB has not-so-secretly always dreamed of being bigger and better than everyone else, so maybe we should start checking those Atlanta-Seoul flights after all.

*No word on whether this superiority is immediately negated by an inability to communicate orally with anyone.

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