Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, Pt. II 

Kate Moss doesn't seem like she's slumming it either.

Weird pizza-shaped building on Monroe to reopen today as "futuristic hipster hangout Piebar." In other news, the AJC discovers the term "hipster" a week after the LATimes declares hipsters, like, so totally over. Oh wait, no, no I guess that's probably about right.

Did Spencer say something about glass houses? But hey, if he's really "Adonis-like," who can blame her...?

Someone's been touching Karl Rove's weewaw even though she's not legally obliged to do so.

Speaking of fat and greasy, it seems Alec Baldwin still gets laid.

Aren't we tired of these fashion exposee/blogger signs book deal fairytale stories yet?

Someone tell Jessica Alba that she's actually quite a looker.

The Hollywood Sex Tape: Filmdom's fastest-growing genre.

Kelly Osbourne blames her drug problems on her childhood demons and tormentors. Don't we all, sweetheart, don't we all.

Mel C. thinks her music career will suffer due to her severe depression. Paging Tom Cruise. In other news, her music career?

Miami summer campers invited to a "Ghetto Talent Show" and "Watermelon Eating Contest." Black community not so amused.

Renee Zellweger wakes up and realizes she has no idea who that guy is lying next to her.

New Liz Phair, Somebody's Miracle, drops October 4th.

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