Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do 

The Killers to headline the US's first ever Download Festival in California this fall. Modest Mouse and Arcade Fire are also on board.

Universe goes all wonky resulting in celebrities actually having to pay for stuff.

Apparently Music Industry execs and Top 40 radio stations are like, totally in cahoots with each other. Quite frankly we're shocked and appalled.

So does this mean Kate and Pete are gonna get a "divorce" now?

The nine ugliest rock stars alive?

It seems Natalie enjoys being mistaken for Sinead so much that she might stay bald.

Even Jude's parents think he's being a total dick.
But it looks like Sienna's hardly slumming. (Perez has pics)

Vodafone dumps Becks
. In unrelated news, Becks throws a tantrum.

Beer prices expected to fall in some sort of price war.

Marietta has its very own sex clinic which, FAB is dismayed to learn is not nearly as sexy as it sounds.

Charlotte Church: lingerie model. Umm, is anyone else completely baffled by the world's newfound obsession?

Angelina wants her own Rainbow Coalition. What's next? A war-orphaned Colombian?

Having clearly not gotten God's memo, NASA continues to try and launch manned phallus into space.

The Jews are displeased with Ricky Martin. In other news, if, for some reason, you've been wondering what ever happened to Ricky Martin, he's a humanitarian now, sweetheart.

Dick Wolf to take over the planet. Again.

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