Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Come and Get It 

Jessica Alba says she enjoys casual sex as much as the next guy.

Apparently Scarlett is having a hard time getting over the Big Dick. We understand how it is, sweetheart.

Ja Rule reportedly linked to actual "gangster"-like activity. Fascinating.

You know your iPod wants a Pink Fluffy Muff Dock (via Gizmodo). Snicker.

You know your liver wants MyOpenBar.com. (via ultragrrrl)

Page Six tries to tell us that David Lynch is more eccentric than either Tom Cruise and Madonna. Um, why don't you guys tell us something we don't know?

Is Al Pacino getting it on with Rose McGowan? Ew.

Kurt Cobain thought Dave Grohl sucked as a drummer.

Petra Nemcova to strut the catwalk again
. Only this time she really means it.

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