Monday, July 25, 2005

Consumption Issue 

T-Boz and Chilli keep it real at Atlanta's Waffle Houses because "You're not a real Southerner if you don't go to Waffle House."

Kickball is all the rage these days. In other news, does anybody want to start an Atlanta Sloshball League?

FemaleFirst runs picture of Sophie Okonedo in Hotel Rwanda with story about Thandie Newton's fears for her Zimbabwean relatives. FAB supposes that in the world of entertainment news, this is better than running story with a picture of actual Zimbabweans or, uh, Thandie Newton.

Britney wants a huge family but doesn't want to have to get, like, all fat and stuff again, so she and Kevin are planning to adopt some poor kid next time. Maybe they could adopt this neglected child.

In the spirit of HotorNot comes Is You Full Blown White Trash? Or you can just take the quiz. In related news, CNN brings us this touching story about fighting toothlessness in Appalachia.

We have no idea what this is about. We were too distracted by the headline.

Speaking of which, Ingrid Casares is stirring up the pot yet again. Or is she stirring up Eglantina?

Ursula Andress beats out Halle Berry and Angela Jolie as the top beach beauty. In other news, Charlotte Church over Bridget Bardot?

You call this a blind item?

As if we needed further proof that Tom Cruise is a certifiable wack job.

Warm wishes for a full recovery to Kylie.

Craigslist poetry: Your breasts so ample, like giant bloated prunes, swung pendulously in the wind as you attempted to find your keys.

Brandon Flowers takes it all off.

JLo's not the one who ordered all those lillies, scented candles, and high thread count sheets, it was her damn staffers and their outrageous demands.

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