Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Daily Black and White 

Zoo Atlanta's Lun Lun may or may not be with panda. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Pamela and Tommy Lee take three.

What's the over under on Paris2
? Anybody?

Oh those crazy kids.
"The officers observed the two individuals on the roof as God made them - they were naked and they were engaging in sexual intercourse," Suffolk County Police Inspector Robert Ponzo said. "They were clearly visible from street level."

Ubiquitous hasbeen Lorenzo Lamas gets cuckholded by a male stripper on the eve of his wedding.

Ever the gentleman, Jude says it's, like, totally all Sienna's fault.

Eminem NOT retiring after all. So get over it. At least, so says Scott.

Booze, chicks, and midgets. Dennis Kozlowski's son-in-law knows how to party.

E! will air more than you ever wanted to know about life as Hugh Hefner. Well, not really, it's just E! after all.

The Decemberists, the Helio Sequence, the Thermals, Dolorean, and Lifesavas are among the acts confirmed to appear on Elliott Smith tribute album due out in the fall

"You wore flip-flops to the White House??"
(pic at Drudge)

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