Monday, July 11, 2005

Live from Bosnia: Drama Edition 

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Srebenica massacre.

Ten years later, this guy is the height of sexysexycool in the region.

Over the weekend it seems that FAB started a brawl at Club ______* in Sarajevo. A Military Personnel-Type Buddy was physically ejected by the Club Owner which of course caused a surge of testosterone and chest thumping in all of the remaining Military Affiliated Buddies. We're not exactly sure what happened next, but there was some screaming, hair pulling, punching, hitting with a slow moving vehicle, bloody hands, and bruised egos. The alleged cause: apparently the club owner was displeased to see the MP-TB talking to the Fat Asian Baby.

*It has been brought to FAB's attention that the owner of said club, who has been nothing but nice to FAB on the few occasions we've met, is also notoriously affiliated with the mafia and therefore it might best to avoid name-dropping.

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