Friday, July 29, 2005

Of Metaphysics and Morals 

Ryan Adams does Bryan Adams. And Ryan Adams on Bryan Adams on Ryan Adams in his Pitchfork interview (3/4 way down).

Nicole Kidman is "friends" with some Australian country singer guy.

Andy Dick gets nasty
. We could make some clever pun here about Dick on dick or something, but quite frankly, we're just not very clever.

"Maybe people are trying to make me look like Naomi Campbell, but I'm not Naomi Campbell, I'm Janice Dickinson. I'm sure there are a lot of really angry ladies there because I do have an amazing body . . . There's a lot of angry, jealous bitches." Yes, Janice. We are all just jealous.

Damon Albarn thinks that Pete Doherty is an overrated publicity-whoring mess. Yeah, I guess that's probably about right.

Tommy Lee is over sex
. It's much more exciting watching his fancyass Japanese fish swim around in circles in his ornamental garden.

Paula Abdul to go down with the ship.

Happy Birthday Wil Wheaton!

The Killers prepare for world domination.

My Chemical Romance to take to the road at last.

Chipper Jones a bit miffed after near castration.

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