Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Page Six "Blind" Items 

We're not even going to dignify these with answers. We're pretty sure that even FABMama could figure these out. Please.

July 5, 2005 -- WHICH newlywed husband of a TV personality dropped her off at an award show, then went on a tour of gay bars in L.A.? What he didn't realize was that the limo driver had to keep a list of every stop — and that when network execs got the limo bill, the list "looked like a Yellow Page ad of gay bars" . . . WHICH leading man landed his fiancée by giving her a five-year contract for $10 million? Now, she's giving an Oscar-worthy performance acting as if she's really in love with him . . . WHICH foreign-born sports phenom lies about his age? Though he landed a multimillion-dollar sneaker deal as a 14-year-old, whispers are he's closer to 20.

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