Monday, July 11, 2005

Sexcapades, et al. 

Hugh Grant Sex Scandal v2.0: "Suffice to say that Hugh, who seemed to be behind Jemima, was showing his love for her in a most enthusiastic and energetic manner."

Ritalin is the new heroin.

News from the Kings of Leon UK tour:
Jared "has a willy like a finger", Nathan and Matthew "are very nice blokes". Chosen groupies from the Brighton gig "were all only sixteen and one was a virgin until she had a threesome with two of the band."
(via Popbitch)

Charlotte Church continues to act out her adolescence in public
while her "hotter than Beckham" boyfriend would almost rather be bungee jumping.

Peaches strikes back:
"He really plays up to the 'cracked-out loser' thing. He was fine before he went on stage but, once he was there, he transformed into this shambolic drug-addled circus freak."

Jessica thinks Christina is nasty and Britney has a cute arase. In other news, Jessica Simpson thinks.

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