Monday, August 29, 2005

All the Things that Make Us Laugh and Cry 

Last night I watched two back to back episodes of the Family Guy. Because I've been variously away or busy, I haven't seen any of the episodes since it's return to network television so even reruns are new to me. I must say, life doesn't get much better than back to back episodes of the Family Guy. Honestly. At some point in the first episode, the Highly Alarmist Roommate decided to get sucked into the boob tube as well. "I've never seen this before," says she.
"God, it's been so long," says I.
"Wait, I don't understand, is that a baby or a man that's talking there?"
"Stewie? Stewie's just a baby. I love Stewie."
"But he sounds like a man. How come his voice sounds like that?"
"What do you mean? It's the Family Guy. I don't think they really listen to him anyway. He's just a baby."
"What? But he talks and he sounds like a man."
This morning as I was lying in bed I thought to myself: "Funny, she didn't seem the least bit confused about Brian."

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