Thursday, August 18, 2005

And They Wonder Why I Don't Spend More Time Hanging Out with Them 

It's barely 9am, and I've already had the following conversations with the FABParents:

FAB: opening a package of Genoa salami from the neighborhood deli and sticking a piece in mouth*. I wonder if Genoa salami is really from Genoa anymore.
FABDaddy: And I wonder if there's anything in salami other than fat and nitrates.
FAB: Swallowing, peeling off another slice of salami, defiantly shoving it in mouth. I think maybe there are peppercorns.

*Shut up, it's totally after lunchtime in Sarajevo.

FAB sits at her laptop innocently perusing the web as FABMama approaches menacingly.
FABMama: Do you have any of the things that Dad gets on the computer like Mapquest or Google?
FAB: Yeah. That's the internet.
FABMama: Oh. Well your Dad usually does it on his computer. I was hoping you would teach me with the computer.*
FAB: Yeah I know.

*Pardon our disrespect, but we have had this conversation at least a few hundred times in the last ten years. FAB is not especially computer literate and, to put it bluntly, it is less than delightful to try and teach someone to use a computer who has taken several computer workshops and yet still does not comprehend the desktop metaphor.

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