Monday, August 08, 2005


Tara Reid gets wasted, puts firecracker in mouth. Unfortunately nobody around sober enough to light the fuse.

Angelina reported to be carrying a product of genetic near-perfection. Brad totally pussy-whipped.

Jude and Sienna decide to have another go.

Once again proving the age old maxim that hot chicks fancy rich guys, Mischa Barton sheds her beard and runs back in the arms of greasy tub of lard, Brandon Davis.

Midtown's Hotel Indigo brings Atlanta Gay Singles Mixer its first Canine Cocktail Hour every Tuesday evening.

Kimberly Stewart gets the starring role she's been waiting for.

"Sharon Stone is a huge fan of traditional lesbian sports"

Liam Gallagher not sure who's better: Liam Gallagher or Elvis Presley?

The Black Widow of competitive eating mouths 35 bratwurst in 10 minutes. No word on whether she has a boyfriend.

Not surprisingly, Pete Doherty is probably gonna die soon.

Apparently somebody was impressed by pictures of Charlotte Church in a bikini.

Posh Spice defends plastic surgery
, not that she's ever done it herself, of course.

New OutKast album to be released this fall.

Marilyn Monroe made Joan Crawford "[shriek] like a maniac." Joan fails to do it for Marilyn.

Rest well Peter Jennings and Ibrahim Ferrer. Each a good man in his own way.

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