Friday, August 05, 2005

Clearly it was Divine Intercession 

The Latsis/Kasidokostas clan not actually as stupid as progeny would suggest.

Willa Wonka can keep his stupid chocolate rivers, we're moving to Italy.

Speaking of which, some lucky Atlantan has cocoa-scented farts.

Diamonds bring peace in the Middle East.

Nick Lachey publicly admits he's still pussy whipped, has no career of own.

Jamie Foxx engages extra security to protect himself from Anna Nicole.

Actually she just wanted to buy time so she could update her bridal registry with next season's goods.

Swarms of ethnic people about to descend on greater Atlanta. Here come the Koreans...

It always comes back to porn doesn't it? We can't wait for the made-for-tv movie.

Michael Pitt fears Prada gig would have hurt his hipster cred. Oh how naive we are, sweet Michael.

New Broken Social Scene to employ even more Canadians.

After dating for the equivalent of 5.3 Hollywood marriages, Charlize and Stuart decide to make it legal.

Don't they know that the whole Lizzie Grubman-Nightclub-SUV thing was so totally 2001?

Tommy Lee has "a bunch of new friends" now. FAB can't wait to see the uniforms.

Robert Iler pulls a Jack Osbourne.

Southern Republicans downright offended that the government would suggest that they might discriminate against Black voters. Well shiiiit, where in tarnation would those meddling Feds have gotten such a preposterous idea?

We can't all be princesses and Victoria's Secret models, dear.

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