Monday, August 08, 2005

Delightfully Quirky Songs From Bands I Didn't Really Dig So Much at First But Are Now on Heavy Rotation on the iPod 

The Spinto Band - This seven-piece out of Wilmington, Delaware (yeah, Delaware) is just beginning to get the kind of exposure they deserve with the insatiably catchy "Oh Mandy." I also can't stop listening to "Japan is an Island" which was reissued on their latest album, Nice and Nicely Done.

The Sun - The Sun is on the rise. Once I gave this band a proper listen, "Justice" grabbed my ear and wouldn't let go for days.

Oucho Sparks - This Chicago band's previous release Silver Daddy received mixed reviews accusing them of gratuitously experimental antics. While most of their original tracks didn't do much for me, I did enjoy "5Ft5." If "Mercedes 300D" is an indication of what's to come on their September release, these guys deserve a much better reception this time around.

Hello Nurse - These New Yorkers most likely won't be mistaken for any of the more pop-driven indie acts coming out of New York these days. At first I couldn't connect so well with the lead vocals, but after a few listens I really began to appreciate the energy and different kinds of sounds these guys are making with songs like "Animalympics" and "Token Summer."

This is a low budget operation, and I don't know how to post mp3s so go check 'em out on MySpace.

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