Friday, August 19, 2005

Ear Notes: ATL 

Tonight check out Tora Tora Tora, Soft Collision, Lay Down Mains, and Morning Lights at Lenny's.

The Woggles and Subsonics will be at the Earl.

System of a Down (did we ever tell you that Armenians are the Fat Asian Baby's favorite ethnic group after Jews?), the Mars Volta, and Bad Acid Trip will be at the Gwinnett Arena.

Harrison Hudson, Jil Station, Manchester Orchestra, and Fundamentals will be at the Velvet Underground at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Tomorrow night FAB recommends checking out I Almost Saw God in the Metro, Rolling Sixties, and the Narrator at the Drunken Unicorn.

Tenth to the Moon will be having their CD release at Lenny's with Airoes, RetConned, Abiku, Mose Giganticus, and Toy Party.

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