Monday, August 08, 2005

FAB Wants Kimchi 

The New York Times' Saki Knafo miraculously manages to find the only New Yorkers unfamiliar* with bibimbop and for some reason they're all crowded into the same Korean restaurant on St. Marks and First. If we're not mistaken, this restaurant used to be a different** Korean joint, and one that actually did introduce New York to some new Korean food. If Korean restaurants are already replacing other Korean restaurants, and almost thirty blocks away from Koreatown, verily this must be a harbinger of the new age of Korean (food) domination.

*We find it hard to believe that there really are people in New York who would "[gaze] perplexedly" at a bowl of bimbimbop and can only assume that the author is using some sort of exceedingly lame hyperbolic-esque literary device. We aren't fooled, young Saki.

**To be honest, it may actually be the same Korean restaurant with a different name and different menu, but if it has a different name and a different menu, how can it really be the same anyway?

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