Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hurt So Good 

Norwegian authorities probe Pete Doherty.

Tara Reid feigns propriety.

It's Downtown Atlanta Restaurant Week. Check out the list of participating restaurants and beware of cocktails.

Cameron Diaz enlightens the world on Senior Ball Hang.

The folks at Sam Adams aren't fucking around. Introducing Utopia.

Fat on your thighs, hips, and ass may actually be good for your health. Victoria Beckham unavailable for comment.

KFeds tries to make Britney his bitch.

Kelly Osbourne preys on another young musician.

NASCAR execs to scope out downtown Atlanta today. In other news, NASCAR has executives.

Attention Shlong and Former Roommate D: Tanning probably an addiction.

Atlanta Becomes Mecca for Black Gays, but they still can't hang out with the white homos or the Bible thumpers because "this is still the South."

Bratwurst is the nation's "fastest-growing protein" among grillers.

Delta still facing bankruptcy.

Jennifer Connelly: Champion Multi-tasker

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