Friday, August 19, 2005

Inexplicably So 

Apparently Maria Sharapova has crappy taste in music, men.

Moby and Michael Stipe: two totally different guys who both happen to be bald and white.

Judge Crater Not Missing Anymore.

That US News and World Report college rankings thingy is out today. How did Georgia schools fare?

It probably wasn't so much the exhaustion as the sleeping pill addiction.

Justin Timberlake starts to realize his girlfriend may actually be a washed up old hag.

Radiohead heads to the studio.

Mini Me's mini marriage is over.

Jewish people selling Jewish things to other Jewish people

Jessica Alba likes older men.

We wish Goldie Hawn wouldn't use the phrase "lovemaking experience" when referring to herself or Kurt Russell or really talk about sex at all. Ever.

Jennifer Love Hewitt wears cheap lip gloss to red carpet events. In other news, someone still invites Jennifer Love Hewitt to red carpet events.

Paris and Paris return from their European vacation. In other news, apparently girl Paris works.

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