Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Is There Really Too Much of a Good Thing? 

First they brought you the ice cream of the future, now those clever ice cream tinkerers have married bacon and ice cream for those days when it's just too damn hot for your daily allowance of sizzling pork flesh (thanks Gina). Says its creator, "Bacon and butterfat, what could be better?" Though Fat Asian Baby is a vocal supporter of both bacon and all forms of butterfat, we're still a bit skeptical about the combination.
In other news, while buying ice cream yesterday we noticed a new flavor right between the kiwi and tiramisu, Red Bull.

In other other news, the Federation of Competative Eating is reportedly trying to get Speed Eating in the Olympics, presumably to replace curling cause God knows eating has more spectator potential then pushing a giant puck around with brooms. FAB can't wait to stay in the Olympic Village. We hear it's muy sexy over there. (Thanks for the heads up, Shlong).

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