Friday, August 26, 2005

Let's Get It On 

Did Mos Def pull a Britney?

Maybe Maria Sharapova's taste in men not that bad after all.

Liam Gallagher may be married. Or maybe not.

Ashlee Simpson wants to nail Angelina. In other news, so does FAB.

I'm not quite sure why we even wanna know this, but for the record, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are so totally doing each other.

Scarlett and Josh shack up.

Celebrity Couples Age Differences photo montage. (via cityrag).

People caught having sex outdoors photo montage. (also via cityrag).

"The thing with Posh is she’s not a naturally attractive girl, she’s got skin problems and bad hair. She’s very plastic, very cold and very fake." And the countdown to the hairpulling begins right. about. now.

Nicky Hilton boldly risks the wrath of her evil big sister.

Hamster powered cell phone charger. No comment from gerbil union.

Ex-Unicorns dish up the dirty dirty.

Alison Goldfrapp thinks the OC pretty much sucks.

"Alex Cassity of Midway is a God-fearing man, so when he saw strange lights in the sky over his home Thursday his first thought was it was the second-coming...'It was really something,' he said. 'but my first thought was, the Lord’s coming.'"
Well actually, sir, those were just military flares.

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