Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Moving on Out 

After gaining national attention for his overindulgent carnivorous offerings, the ignorant, tongue-flapping owner of Mulligan's Bar and Restaurant in Decatur, home of the famous Luther Burger and Hamdog, is taking his business to mid Georgia presumably so he can spout his idiotic rhetoric without those pesky Mexicans around to bus his dishes or ask questions. FAB just hopes he leaves the meat behind. [Ed. A reader has pointed out that I'm retarded. Yes Virgina, there is a difference between Marietta and Decatur. The long and short of it is: the bigot goes, the meat stays. Everybody wins.]

And while we're on the topic of tasty morsels, FAB thinks it's high time for a visit to Charleston. Unfortunately, we'll be unable to accompany Kill Gordon on his upcoming visit because we've got our hearts set on staying in Atlanta to check out much buzzed about fellow New Yorkers, Nightmare of You.

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