Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Nerdy is the New Cool 

The Fat Asian Baby has never been the coolest kid on the block. Over the years we've grown to embrace our nerdiness as a sort of asset, so nothing brings us more pleasure than to see fellow nerds put their enterprising nerd brains to good use like the kids over at DEFCON who created the Kegbot. MakeZine chronicled the entire affair.
"One the coolest projects I've seen so far at DEFCON was the kegbot, a linux based keg that dispenses beer as long as you have an iButton key. The system keeps track of who you are, how much you're drinking and in team mode- where you rank. the Kegbot crew built and deployed a kegbot on site at DEFCON, we were lucky enough to get there and document the building of it!"
Our geeky cred doesn't really run in the technical vein so we don't really understand what that means, but we know it sounds pretty damn cool. (via Gizmodo)

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