Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Patience, Grasshopper 

So the Fat Asian Baby is settling back nicely into the land of mosquitos and SUVs only slightly worse for the wear. Yes we know we have missed important harbingers of the End of Days such as the timely demise of Paris2 and Jude and Sienna v2.0 as well as failing to prevent the mounting evidence that BritBrit is, in fact, completely retarded and whatever else happened in the last few days. More importantly, it has come to our attention that the internet connection doesn't seem to be working properly, and by that I mean, the internet connection that I steal from an as yet undetermined neighbor doesn't seem to be working too well from FABHQ, more properly known as my bedroom. So, for the time being,FABHQ has moved to Joe's Coffee in East Atlanta. Blogging is a whole new ballgame when you can no longer do it while sitting in your underwear drinking a beer at 11 in the morning. Because the FAB brain is composed largely of a substance resembling Swiss cheese, it is impossible to transition from one place to another without forgetting something. For the most part, I try and minimize the damage and hope that whatever I'm forgetting is not of vital importance to my day to day life. With the notable exception of the time I left my glasses in a hotel room in South Carolina, I have been successful in keeping the crucial bits together. The point I'm driving at here, and yes there is a point, is that blogging may be, well, hampered somewhat for the next few days because it seems that in my rush to flee New York, I left the adapter plug for my computer plugged into the power strip underneath FABDaddy's desk, the very FABDaddy who two hours after my departure himself fled to Maine for the remainder of the week. Because the Highly Alarmist Roommate, God bless her, has a similar computer, the Process isn't fatally handicapped, but please pardon us if we seem a little, um, slow.

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