Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Pretty Soon We'll be Calling Him Henry the Eighth 

Introducing Mrs. Robert Evans the seventh.

Has Charlotte Church been playing with the Queen of Diamonds?

Jennifer Aniston channels Edna Pontellier.

FAB favorite recluse Jeff Mangum resurfaces briefly at last night's Olivia Tremor Control show at the Bowery. (They'll be there again tonight. OTC, that is. Not sure about Jeff.)

And Naomi wonders how she got that bitchin' reputation.

Rosie is the new Golde? Oy.

On the Road to the silver screen.

Rupert Murdoch takes over. Yawn.

Simon Rich is doing a kick ass job at the Harvard Lampoon. Kudos.

What do Jesus thumpers, black journalists, and autograph hounds have in common? Your traffic nightmare.

It seems that Jude has already taken care of business, if you know what I mean.

Bob Geldof suddenly a real popular guy.

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