Monday, August 01, 2005


Sienna is "haunted by images of Jude and Daisy naked together and him whispering loving words to her." Um thanks. Now we are too.

Britney's booked the Kabbalah Center for some sort of mysterious ceremony nine days after her baby's due. Does this mean it's definitely not a boy?

Speaking of babies...Is J.Lo with diva?

Ever the charmer, Jude tries to woo Sienna back with promises of impregnating her. Now, ain't that the sweetest?

Gentrification, gentrification, gentrification. Before you know it, Harlem will have gone the way of East Atlanta the 'Burg.

Pot smoking transvestite prostitute visionary artist's Technicolor home in west Georgia to open to the public so the rest of us can share in his visions. FAB feels a field trip coming.

Rachel Hunter wants to celebrate her 40th by stripping down for Playboy.

"When you talk about a great actor, you're not talking about Tom Cruise." Tell it, Lauren.

Nicole Kidman just wants to get laid already.

WHICH chic South Beach hotel employs a handsome masseur who is famous for delivering "happy endings" to female clients? The hotel either doesn't know or doesn't care — but more than a few wives of high-profile guests have been singing his praises . . . Anybody? Please?

The John Casablancas catfight continues. We're just biding our time until the real hair-pulling begins.

L.Lo and pretty much everyone else in Manhattan readies to tear up the Hamptons in August.

Shakira is stuck with her small and humble boobies. FAB sticks to mountains.

Atkins out of bread .

Franz Ferdinand finally fess up about last year's backstage temper tantrum. Yawn.

James Bond takes a bow.

Romeo Beckham rushed to the hospital.

Women Should Keep Their Ovaries. We'll keep that one under advisement.

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