Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Use Once and Destroy 

Courtney Love divulges too much information about her sex life, or lack thereof. And oh yeah, yep she's preggers after all.

Melanie Griffith admits she finds aging "scary and humiliating." Really Mellie? We hadn't noticed at all. Honest.

Rolling Stone wants to give Kanye West a hand job.

After everyone finished kicking Ben Gibbard around in the dust, Pitchfork reviews Death Cab's Plans and unsurprisingly finds it mediocre.

Stereogum wants you to stream Kanye or Death Cab at AOL Music.

Lindsay Lohan and Ashlee Simpson kiss and make up. Yawn.

Has Naked Cowgirl scared off Naked Cowboy?

100 Greatest Songs of the South.

Apparently Brad and Angelina's relationship is some kind of secret. But don't you worry, they're going public real soon.

Creationists are taking back the dinosaurs. Apparently FAB missed the day in Hebrew School when we learned about dinos marching two by two into Noah's Ark. (via boing boing)

Hurricaines make people cranky.

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