Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Advance Ear Notes: Earl Edition 

For your contemplative pleasure, here is a list of some upcoming shows at FAB favorite venue, the Earl, that are on sale now both at the Earl and Criminal Records in Little Five Points:

Wed, Sep 28th
The Walkmen with Mazarin and Rockwell. $12.00

Fri, Sep 30th
Magnolia Electric Co. with Alasdair Roberts and Anna Kramer. $8.00

Sat, Oct 1st
Tenement Halls with the Press and Machine Go Boom. $8.00

Fri, Oct 7th
A Fir-Ju Well with Tiger! Tiger! and Sugar and the Raw. $8.00

Sat, Oct 8th
Mono (from Japan) with Bellini and Lay Down Mains. $8.00

Fri, Oct 14th.
The Other Sound Festival
with: The Tom Collins (cd release show), Snowden, the Close, Citified, Blake Rainey, the Pyschic Hearts, and An Epic At Best. $7.00

Sat, Oct 15th.
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Ambulance LTD. You know, I vaguely remember telling you to buy tickets for this show almost, oh, I dunno, two months ago, and you probably didn't believe me because you thought to yourself "it's freaking August and the show is all the way in October and it's the fucking Earl and when have I ever bought a ticket in advance for a show at the Earl?" Well I hope you listened to me, my dear friends because now it's SOLD OUT.

Thu, Oct 20th
John Vanderslice with Portastatic. $8.00

Sat, Oct 22th
The National with the Cloud Room and the Silent Kids. $8.00

Wed, Oct 26th
Orenda Fink (of Azure Ray) with Neva Dinova. $8.00

Tue, Nov 1st
The Clientele with Annie Hayden. $8 in advance, $10 at the door.

Thu, Nov 10th
"The Standard" record release show: Day 1 with Collective Efforts and Binkis and X:144 and SPS (regional DMC champion).
All hip hop format (4 decks on stage). $8.00

Fri, Nov 11th
"The Standard" record release show: Day 2 with Cadillac Jones and 45 Live Improv Set featuring a host of musicians and emcees
Art Show early with the works of Dosa Kim and Tyrus Smalley.
Live format (with 4 decks on stage). $8.00

Sat, Nov 12th
Magnapop with Sybris and Soft Collision. $7.00

Fri, Nov 18th
The Selmanaires (7" release) with the Oranges Band, Anna Kramer (7" release)and Shock Cinema (7" release)

Sat, Nov 19th
YOU with Modern Skirts and De Novo Dahl. $8.00 ($1 from each ticket to be contributed to Katrina relief)

Fri, Dec 2nd
American Analog Set. $10.00

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