Friday, September 02, 2005

Advance Ear Notes 

Already On Sale:
Annie, the gays, they worship her like she's the new Kylie except that Kylie's still with us and even the hipsters dig her, will be at the Fabulous Fox Theatre on Wednesday, January 25th.

UPDATE: Matt Musick has so kindly pointed out that I'm a complete retard and didn't follow the link. It seems that Annie is a musical which I'm sure you've never seen or heard of before but is actually the charming story of a young orphan on the mean streets of Depression-era New York who is taken in by some cold hearted rich guy all the while holding onto the retarded dream of one day being reunited with her "real" parents. It is not, as I had naively assumed, Annie, Maker of Booty Shaking, Goddess of the Gays. Phooey.

On Sale Tomorrow:
Coheed and Cambria, Blood Brothers, Dredg, and mewithoutYou at the Tabernacle on Halloween.

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