Monday, September 19, 2005

AMG Music Awards* 

This weekend marked the 2nd Annual Atlanta Music Guide Music Awards, a gathering of many cute white boys in blazers and allegedly edgily dyed rock 'n' roll hair who unremarkably start to resemble one other when all packed into a dimly lit room of Industry Types and the women who love them (the cute boys not the Industry Types). This year's show was fairly well-produced save for the atrociously irritating MC, Josh Rifkind. Kudos to Nick and Peter of Y-O-U for their amusing video clip interludes profiling the Best Band nominees.

Congrats to Heavy Mojo, A Fir-Ju Well, Family Force 5, the Gates of Berlin, Butch Walker, Tim Brantley, and all the other winners. May you have a better year than the Hiss, amen.

*Somebody please buy FAB a new digital camera and some html skills.

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