Thursday, September 01, 2005

Back to the Future 

While FAB is certain we've all been overreacting about the threat of a gas shortage, I am as guilty as the next motorist of buying into the collective AJC-induced freak out and heading over to the local QT yesterday to fill 'er up (which turned out to be a 40 minute venture because I am a genius and waited until 5pm to decide maybe I should head on over. Have I ever mentioned my superior intellectual abilities?). However, while like Shoobie, FAB does think the panic may perhaps be a bit, oh, shall we say excessive, and verily the End of Days has not yet arrived, I do think that the coming energy crisis should be taken seriously. Sadly, once the present panic subsides, we're sure Atlanta, as well as the rest of the country, will mindlessly resume our gas guzzling business as usual. However, because FAB is nothing if not a pretentious and self-righteous asshole, I will say that in addition to being pleased that I opted for Emory over Tulane, I am also rather chuffed that I chose this snappy little number over this one*. Let's just say FAB should be set for gas for about the next month. Sweet.

*Not that the latter was ever really an option.

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