Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Highlights from this Week's Newsweek: I Share Because I Care 

Lorraine Ali really digs the new Black Rebel Motyorcycle Club album, Howl.

Rachael Ray, she of "30 Minute Meals" whom we love to hate and hate to love, is poised to take over the world. Just yesterday as we compiled a grocery list, FAB thought to herself, gee, we could really use a new bottle of "EVOO." I actually said, albeit in the privacy of my own head, "EVOO." I curse you, evil woman, I curse you.

And this tidbit about the second* best reality tv series ever thunk up got us so excited we had to call Snowskates in Baltimore to find outwhether she was aware of the wondrous new gifts that the Santa of Fox Television would be bringing his faithful little children during the fall lineup.

*FAB still thinks that the Teenage Tourettes Camp concept pretty much takes the reality tv cake.

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