Friday, September 02, 2005


Britney will not retire from the music industry after Preston London's birth. She will presumably leave the child rearing to her freeloading jackass role model husband.

Memo to Diddy: hip hop fans don't do crowd surfing.

Michael Lohan pens his own little diddies from prison.

FAB has spent many a late hour tossing them back at Paddy Maguire's, but I'm pretty damn sure I've never seen Angelina or Brad there. What gives?

FAB sure is glad we've been spending all our money on the war on terrorism and that whole Arab thing.

Even famous people know people who may or may not have been affected by Katrina. Outstanding. Well, at least they're stepping up to help with the relief effort, ahem, Mr. President.

And hey, we can all relax now: they found Fats Domino.

Introducing Betty Applewhite.

The New York Times travel Gods want you to visit Ocean City, MD. FAB had no idea that anyone at the New York Times ever heard of Ocean City, MD, and we're fairly confident that no one in Ocean City has ever heard of the New York Times. As it should be.

The White Stripes's September 27th show in Maryland will be webcast live on NPR.

Pitchfork reviews the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album, Howl.

Jenny Lewis gets heckled in Las Vegas.

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