Tuesday, September 06, 2005

In Which FAB Contemplates the Possibility of "Too Much Beer" as Theoretical Concept 

Aujourd'hui, l'été est mort. While Linda Evangelista may not get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day, FAB will get out of bed if you ply her with cheap beer and good eats. And oh did we ring out the summer with a bang. The weekend started with the rather dramatic last minute cancellation of the aforementioned Kill Gordon show at the 10 High. For the latest in Virginia Highlands melodrama, see here. After the beer-fueled drama came the beer-driven dance. Decatur Social Club pulled in their biggest crowd ever, raising lots of money and collecting tons of clothing and toiletries for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

I will not bore you with the minutiae of the entire weekend, so let me summarize the main events in bullet form:
  • Beer, Eyedrum, Stencil Art
  • Beer, Bean, L'Avenue
  • Beer, Swimming Pool
  • Beer, Grillable Flesh, Swimming Pool
  • Beer, 97 Estoria
  • Beer
    Something somewhere feels like it's dying. And I can only assume it is my liver.

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