Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It Wasn't Me 

Yes, the Donald and Melania do have sexual intercourse. Yes indeed.

Apparently Suge Knight wants to quit the music biz and make an inspirational MTV movie about a coach who turns troubled inner-city youth into athletes. Oh wait, no, he's serious.

Pitchfork reviews FAB's most favorite favorite ever and finds its their most favorite favorite ever too. Word.

Video stream New Order's new DVD.

The Hives will release their debut DVD, "Tussles in Brussels," on November 14th.

The new Franz Ferdinand will be in stores October 4th. And you'll never guess, but they're working on a DVD.

"Our [online gaming site's] demographic clientele is males, ages 21 to 45. We did a real quick focus group with some of our customers to see if they'd be offended in any way, and the response was an overwhelming, 'Yes, please, get Kate Moss as your spokesperson.'"

Newsflash: Hollywood mamas are under a lot of pressure to be really, really skinny.

According to her mom, the Courtney Love trainwreck we all know and love to watch practically started in the womb.

Angie Everhart nearly starts a barbrawl. Yawn. Wake us when there's hairpulling.

Start the clock on the inevitable Killers versus Fallout Boy catfight.

Tom Ford has been tapped to work on Vanity Fair's bi Oscar Issue. Yes please.

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