Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Like a Fat Kid Love Cake 

"Eminem said that he was finished with Mariah and that I could, you know. I thought I was gonna hit that, and then he didn't hook me up, so I ain't really happy with him right now." Don't worry, 50, there's always Iceland.

John Hodgman profiles Antony for the NYTimes magazine.

Defying all odds, Frances Bean may turn out normal after all.

Is Jacko trying to become less wacko?

Kanye West: probably more popular than Bush.

"The Dove Girls could be selling pretty much anything, since what people are really responding to is the attitude they symbolize: an unapologetic self-confidence so appealing that we're basically willing to overlook the shaky intellectual consistency of linking it to Firming Lotions." No, actually we had noticed. But we're pretty sure that's what gave it its super duper ironic street cred meta irony. So ironically ironic that it's almost ironic again. Or something.

Shaq packs quite a punch.

Clearly, the Gods of Pitchfork think that Bob Dylan is going places.

Mercifully, Jessica Simpson and her family were saved from Christianity by the spiritual haven that is LA. Baby rolls over in his manger. In other news, she's still too busy to bother with that pesky wedding ring, but everything's fine here. Move right along, folks.

The Clientele's tour to support their new album will bring them to the Earl on November 1st.

FAB wishes Sean Penn would shut up and go back to making movies. Please.

Brit Brit snubs Vegas gig.

At least someone still likes Lance.

Big ass watermelon.

Franz Ferdinand to release "Do You Want To" on September 19th. Stream the video here.

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