Monday, September 19, 2005

My Fair Lady 

To promote the "Great American Trailer Park Musical," its producers have been sending out dolls of Britney Spears a cigarette-smoking, baby-toting mom that says things like, "Make mine a double - I'm drinkin' fer two!" when you push the button on her pregnant tummy.

A casting agent for Fashion Week runway shows is being accused of groping the crotches of two male models and then turning them down for the b michael spring collection after they refused to "drop their pants" for him.

Once upon a time there was a drumkit made of cheese. Yeah, you heard me, CHEESE.

Eazy-E compilation reissue earns an 8.0 from the semi-heartless demi-gods at Pitchfork.

BMG had to pay stations to play J. Lo's single.

Lara Flynn Boyle unwilling to consider acquiring boobs naturally by actually swallowing food.

The Furry One wants babies. Lots and lots of babies.


Apparently guys just need something interesting to aim at.

FAB wonders when Emory will get its own Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor.

Kasabian to release live DVD.

Long-lost Titian to be sold
at auction later this year.

Portia De Rossi: trendsetter

Vince Neil tears calf muscle at Philips Arena show. Make up Atlanta show date to be announced.

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