Thursday, September 22, 2005

Over and Over Again 

Lohan-Duff rivalry revived at Teen Vogue Awards showdown.

Like a seasoned addict, Kate Moss once again goes on the Pete Doherty wagon.

Delta continues its descent.

Westlife wants to get it on with MJ.

Sporty Spice blames Spice Girls for her own crappy career. Fails to consider the fact that she just sucks.

Bar brawl leads to shooting at lame-ass Bowery lounge.

The Darkness' new album, One Way Ticket to Hell...and Back, is ready to go.

Dr. Phil less than thrilled about future daughter-in-law's Playboy past.

Apparently dumping tons of shit on Chicago tourists qualifies you for a Billboard Humanitarian Award.

Ali G backlash begins right. about. now.

Kanye West still more popular than Bush.

David Lynch to share his weirdness at $75 a pop.

Catholic Church bans gay priests. Child molesters still welcome.

Gainesville one of 20 fastest growing cities in the nation.

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