Thursday, September 08, 2005

Pointy Fingers 

What better Fashion Week kickoff than a nasty catfight between Jessica and Ashlee Simpson and legendary photographer David LaChapelle? Our thoughts exactly.

Download HP1-6 on iTunes. You know you want to.

Download Bloc Party's Silent Alarm Remixed on iTunes. You know you want to.

The Britster has officially become a fat ass.

Naomi Campbell urges models to, like, stand for something. Or something.

Popbitch Blind Item: Which newsworthy Brit actor has had a number of secret sexual encounters with other famous actors, including a pretty-boy American chick-flick favourite,who is married to a feisty blonde actress?

Uppity Christians pointing the finger at the homos for Katrina devastation. How novel.

Weatherman blames Japanese mafia for Katrina devastation. How novel. Seriously.

Introducing ATL:MODERN. Neato.

Andre puts the kibbosh on Blake's most amazing comeback ever. Hey, we'd still do him.

Arnie puts the kibbosh on gay marriage legislation. How novel.

Adrian Grenier shares with the world.

Apparently the City of Atlanta isn't fucking around with that panhandling ban.

Brian Jonestown Massacre tour dates. They'll be tearing up the Earl on September 21st. Get your tickets now. UPDATE: Matt Musick is always raining on my parade. Feh.

Yep, Kanye definitely more popular than GWB.

Your Sufjan Stevens-related post of the day.

Introducing the iTunes phone.

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