Friday, September 23, 2005

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

Miss Laguna Beach unwisely baits L.Lo. Didn't she see Mean Girls? Jeez.

The water, it is pouring over the levees into the big New Orleans soup bowl. I can't quite place it, but this sounds vaguely familiar.

Kate Moss shame spiral continues.

What happens when a miserable romantic from California meets a mysterious gang of rock deconstructionists from Italy? When Xiu Xiu met Larsen.

Lenny Kravitz knows what's good on the menu at Mr. Chow - and, on Wednesday night, it was Alicia Keys. The strapping soul man looked like he wanted to wrap the hazel-eyed Hell's Kitchen delicacy in a moo shu pancake and devour her as they sat side by side in a booth at the E. 57th St. celebreteria. Um, ew.

WHICH hot-tempered leading man is being protected by New York's Finest? The cops kept secret the Asian call girl in his hotel room.

Britney sells baby Sean Preston to OK! magazine for a shit ton of money.

Mexico tests slimming powers of tequila's agave. No word yet on FAB's study of the intoxicating powers of agave's tequila.

Pitchfork not really feeling the new Echo & the Bunnymen effort.

Jennifer Love Hewitt fails to realize she's, like, totally 1997.

Foxy Brown to fix her hearing. No word on her music.

Andre 3000 to quit before 40 because "y'know, hip-hop and rock 'n' roll are totally about youth."

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