Thursday, September 15, 2005

To Have Been a Fly on That Wall 

Heather Mills McCartney was left limping in agony after allegedly having her false leg knocked off by one of Jennifer Lopez's bodyguards during a fur protest at J. Lo's fashion headquarters.

Everybody give a hearty welcome to PMS Federline.

Get ready to be shocked and appalled: Kate Moss snorts lady snow. Are you shocked? Appalled? Yeah.

If your gas is over $2.90 a gallon today, it could be price gouging. FAB recommends the QT on Briarcliff and Shepards Lane.

Delta does belly flop.

Alex Kaparanos, Food Critic.

Lydia Hearst outgrows her britches. FAB doesn't really understand why we're supposed to give a shit about Lydia Hearst other than the fact that her last name is Hearst. But we would like to give her a hearty thank you for letting us come to her bday party a couple years ago. Not only was FAB the only person in attendance who looked like she'd eaten pizza for dinner, FAB also appeared to be the only one who'd even partaken in dinner or eaten pizza ever. Rest assured that we made full use of the top shelf open bar.

Naomi Campbell pitches yet another fit. Yawn.

The new Strokes album to be called First Impressions of Earth.

Oh Popbitch and your tantalizing blind items...This American film actress likes to spend much of her time in UK - but doesn't know her husband is shagging half of London behind her back. A conquest claims that as he climaxed he once shouted, "I love you, my dick love you, I wish I could rip my dick off and give it to you."

Kanye West still more popular than Bush.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah to play Irving Plaza on NYE
. Tickets went on sale at noon, probably already sold out.

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