Friday, October 28, 2005

Ear Notes: Hallowe'en Weekend Edition 

This afternoon at 6pm, FAB will be busting ass to get over to Criminal Records in time to catch DFA 1979's DJ set following their show last night with Nine Inch Nails at Philips Arena.

Tonight check out the Black Lips and King Kahn at the Drunken Unicorn.

Bain Mattox will be having a CD release at the Roxy with A Fir-Ju Well, Somedaynew, and Tim Brantley.

Decatur Social Club will be hosting Zombie Attack at Azul/Raging Burrito. Come dressed as the undead. The following tickets are up for grabs to the first zombies who impress Preston:
4 Tickets VHS or BETA for Saturday October 29th @ Vinyl
2 Tickets for LCD Soundsystem Nov 11th @ Earthlink Live
20 Tickets to the PRIVATE LCD Soundsystem Dance Party Nov 11th. @ Vinyl

Saturday night the lucky few will be at the Tabernacle for Death Cab for Cutie and Stars. FAB will be jealous.

The Roxy will be hosting "A Night To Rebuild" w/ Red Letter Agent, Five Eight, The Swear, Trances Arc, Sovus Radio, and several other bands.

Vinyl will be hosting their Third Annual Halloween Party with VHS or BETA. See Preston about winning free tickets.

[Ed. Note: Now normally FAB likes to pretty up the posts for you, adding links here and there pointing you to the bands or music venues in question. And maybe I still will. But about 20 minutes ago I took an ambien (oh sweet sweet ambien) and it's starting to make all my letters run together in really the most charming way. But I suspect this may not be the most optimal time to try inserting helpful little html codes here and there and everywhere. And, well, you get the idea. This was all just a long and convoluted way of saying that formatting will be forthcoming sometime in the afternoon, you dig?]
[Ed. Note v.1.2: I know there are many many fun sounding parties going on this weekend that I am not at liberty to discuss here. But let's just say that if you happen to see FAB at one of these fantastic Halloween parties, remember that she likes vodka, whiskey, junior mints, and reese's pieces peanut butter cups, but not necessarily all in conjunction. Thank you.]

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