Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Grows Stale 

Paris beginning to discover Hollywood may actually have a threshold for slutbag shallow antics.

In related news: pot meet kettle.

Hey, did you hear that one about how more Americans are getting fatter?

Broken Social Scene Broken Social Scene not half bad

Guy Ritchie can't take a hint.

Josh Duhamel almost became the hottest dentist ever.

Gwyneth tries to see dead people.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah to Wichita.

Kate Moss achieves the icon status.

Hugh Grant trades in his foppish flop for butch lesbian.

L. Lo hates Haitian children.

Buy Britney's crappy crap
for a good cause.

Jessica Simpson admits it was a while before she embraced her big boobies. World suffers no such difficulty.

According to the makers of Wonderbra, cleavage is back in style. Go figure.

Wilmer Valderrama strikes againe. And how.

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